Meet Team StyleOwner StyleOwner

Our mission is to excite and engage the entrepreneurial spirit in women. StyleOwner makes it super easy and fun for anyone to create an online store and personalize it for their social network by curating from an amazing catalog of great fashion brands. STYLEpreneurs provide friends with customized recommendations and make a generous 10% commission on every sale. True social selling for the first time. STYLEpreneur: An aspiring businesswoman who possesses great style and a love of fashion.

We would love to say that StyleOwner’s story was one surrounded by excitement, intrigue, and mystery.  The truth is, the idea was born where all good ideas are born - in a bar (the drinks were really good!). We quickly realized that by combining the best marketing tool (a recommendation from a family member or friend) with the power of social media, StyleOwner could empower people to become entrepreneurs. With that realization we set out to build a world class team and customer experience.

Joel Weingarten, The Idea Man

Prior to founding StyleOwner, Joel taught robotics at Penn in the Electrical and Systems Engineering Department. There he developed a successful inner city education initiative using robotics in classrooms under an NSF grant.

During graduate school at the University of Michigan, Joel was a part of a DARPA (defense department research) grant where he helped develop the world’s fastest legged robot (RHex). When not building robots or websites, Joel can be found cooking with his wife Anna, playing in Central Park or turning the temperature down in the office (he kindly bought Snuggies for everyone in the office).
Check out Joel's store, Mr Roboto!

Jordana Silver, The Best Executionist

Jordana credits her interest in fashion to her childhood when her mother dressed in elaborate outfits: snakeskin, fishnets, and harem pants, oh my! After studying fashion design at the Parsons School of Design, Jordana worked at Michael Kors for seven years. There she worked alongside Michael himself on his men’s and women’s design teams and also learned the business side of the industry working in corporate sales.

Jordana has been a StyleOwner enthusiast since she first met Joel over a year ago. In her spare time, she actually enjoys talking about business, trying different New York restaurants, and people watching. Krumping is a passion that only her close-knit friends get to see and she is also attempting to learn how to MouthStep beat-box, inspired by a video she recently saw.
Check out Jordana's store, 'Bisous Bisous!

Matt Murphy, our favorite Nerd/Genius

Before joining StyleOwner, Matt has been involved in the startup scene in San Francisco and has founded many projects focused on creative writing and the arts. Matt attended the University of Michigan where he spent a lot of time in the lab at the Center for the Study of Complex systems working on dynamical models of language contact.

Since then, Matt has spent very little time away from a computer and has designed all sorts of business systems including high frequency trading, e-commerce analytics, CRM, marketing analytics, and social games. Matt loves to snowboard and eat Indian food, and has recently learned to prepare several Indian dishes thanks to some fantastic Youtube tutorials. Matt lives right on the California coast in a house overlooking the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean and not far from the San Andreas Fault.

Haley Jones, Our Creative Genius

In third grade, Haley discovered her love for all things design and internet based when she designed her first website displaying her fabulous MS Paint Harry Potter pixel drawings. (Yep, she drew them pixel by pixel) Over the years, her passion and skills developed when she left the sunny state of Florida to study Illustration and Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Haley has a huge appetite for food and considers eating a serious hobby (she has a special fondness for cheese). In her spare time, you can normally find her at her favorite karaoke bar singing Shakira covers or climbing rocks/jumping out of planes. (Extreme sports are her jam.) Haley’s ultimate obsession is her Pug named Gus, who she secretly is scheming to incorporate into the StyleOwner logo... because he's the man.
Check out Haley's store, Painted!

Alexa "Lex" Brandt, Store Owner Mastermind

Building community has always been Alexa’s favorite pastime. Armed with a clipboard, she has plotted and planned creative ways for people to engage with one another since middle school. Prior to StyleOwner, Alexa spent five years building Step Up Women’s Network into one of the most sought-after women’s network in the nation. Most recently, she fostered community as graduate student leader at Babson College while earning her MBA.

Affectionately referred to as “Mr. T” for her obsession with accessories, Alexa’s love of fashion began as a young girl when she would change her outfit up to four times per day (yes, really). Alexa is NYC newbie enjoying “Lex and the City” adventures far away from her Californian roots.
Check out Lex's store, Lex!

Michael Gauthier, Programming Superhero

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Check out Mike's store, Michael Steven!

Brad Herman, Programming Superhero (No Brad, your title can't be Ron Swanson...)

A lifetime geek, Brad always wanted to come to the Bay Area to participate in the glamorous life of a startup developer. The late nights, Mountain Dew binges, and XBOX breaks had been calling his name for years. Back in the lovely state of Indiana, he studied Computer Engineering at Rose-Hulman, had a small Air Force stint (okay, ROTC), started an automotive tech company, then worked for several awesome startups in Indianapolis. Eventually the call of the West became too much and he decided to move someplace almost indistinguishable from the Indiana home he was used to (tongue clearly in cheek). StyleOwner found him (or vice-versa?) and the rest is history.

Other than geeking out hard, Brad plays guitar nonstop, reads like a madman, listens to more Phish than is probably healthy, loves the outdoors, and spends his time finding the best spots to eat in the city. Pretty sweet.
Check out Brad's store, Watches!

Charlie Schwabacher, Programming Superhero

A young Charlie spent his formative years neglecting spelling and cursive, and instead writing computer games in on his classroom's apple II. While studying biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Minnesota, Charlie worked on diagnostic tools for cancer by applying machine learning to better understand gene expression data from tumors. His love of computers drew him back out of the biology lab, so before working at StyleOwner Charlie wrote software at 3M to help design glasses free 3D displays.

In his free time Charlie likes to to write code, create digital artwork, and build DIY electronics. He also enjoys running, biking, camping, dancing to house music, and playing 90s RnB hits (really badly) on the piano. Charlie's favorite item on StyleOwner are the AG Matchbox jeans, and he definitely thinks you should add a pair to your store!

Erik Schuckel, Code Crusader

As a child, Erik dissected old electronics the way most of us devour the latest issue of Vogue - top to bottom. Crafting Linux code since he was 12, it’s no surprise he landed at New Jersey Insitute of Technology where he worked on video game development. Sure, he recently left Jersey for the city, but don’t be fooled -- GTL stands for Games, Technology, and Linux, you guys. Before StyleOwner, Erik’s pocket protector was embroidered with titles such as Linux programmer and systems administrator, even including a stint with the NAVY designing embedded systems and programming 3D simulations. Shocking, right?

Today, you can find him tinkering with code and immersing himself in nerdy projects in his spare time. Just ask him about the workbench he put in his apartment. JUST ASK. The way we salivate over vintage Chanel is exactly how Erik feels about old VWs and Japanese motorcycles. He’s even developed a couple of iPhone games and apps with buddies from college. Erik’s not a (video game) player (unless it’s Fallout). He just codes a lot. Offline, he builds things, too. Like planted aquariums filled with fish. And when it comes to coffee, the right answer is MOAR."
Check out Erik's store, O Shucks!